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I’m in despair

1 year ago

I’m only 19, and I have many accidents. I’ve talked with my doctor, and she told me to start a bladder diary to get more info from me (like how often I wet, how much, and when I do make it to the toilet how much I go then, and how much I drink) and she gave me some medicine to take. But I still have so many times that I end up not making it and wetting my pants— it’s so embarrassing — I feel so alone — I cry so much: I just need to go right then and there when it hits, and have no time to even pull my pants and panties down, let alone get to the ladies’ room — I’m in despair
Just the other day: I was at movie theater with friends watching a movie, and halfway through movie, I had to go, I got up to make way to restroom, but as I got up,