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I’m embarrassed

2 years ago

I need to tell someone because I am really sad and embarrassed right now as I found this forum —- I had my first public accident today (I had many other accidents before but luckily in the private of my own room/home. But today, I went out and I forgot to pee before I left my house — and my need to pee was slowly building up as I was driving but I thought I could hold it (it was a 20 minute drive to mall). The second 10 minutes of the drive I really had to pee— I was on verge of tears , and didn’t know what to do — I grabbed my crotch with one hand and squeezed as hard as I could — thinking I was probably going to soak my hand. But I made it to the mall, rushed to closest ladies room, but there was literally 20 women ahead of me just to get