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pelvic floor trainer/exercisers (weights and 'stimulators')

2 years ago

I have done Kegel exercises until I'm cross-eyed. I've been doing 50 during a 15 - 20 minute time period. I do them with an 8-10 second hold and 10 second release then repeat...with NO improvement. Am considering trying one of the pelvic muscle trainers to see if that might help or at least improve the quality of the exercise but most of them just look like nothing more than a pricey dildo. Has ANYONE given these a try and has it improved your OAB/incontinence issues (as they say it will)? If you have, what product did you use? I was considering the "Flyte" product after reading through all their info, ...but, that $500+ price tag that's not covered by any insurance was a major turn-off.