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CBD oil.

1 year ago

I have struggled with OAB for a few yrs I am 41 yrs old. The worst was spasming at night and constant waking up 2-3 hrs a night. I was on Mybetriq 8 months ago and it helped me tremendously and was happy got minor side effects headaches and fatigue. About 5 weeks ago I had to get off it. started getting ugly side effects, itching, heart palpitations, felt like my throat was tightening and got off that night. I was devastated because it helped me sleep longer and was able to have sex with my husband without the urge to pee.
I did some research for anxiety and sleep. I don’t know if CBD oil is for everyone and is not the cure for OAB has helped me sleep 4 hrs instead of my usual 2-3. My spasming has lessened too. Research and hope this help