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2 years ago

Hello! I’m new to the Chatter boards and wanted to say hello to everyone. I hope everyone is safe from bad weather and is able to stay cool in this summer heat wave!
Make sure everyone stay hydrated (even though the more we drink the more it trickles on out! LOL🥴)
I’m very frustrated I am on oxybutnin 10 mg and it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job. My sugars run in the high side and I’m not really consistent on taking my insulin. BAD SHELLY😡 oh hi I’m Shelly🤗 so my urologist usually says “well there is a lot of sugar in the urine sample...” okay so this does NOT HELP ME!
Why don’t doctors help you solve the problem? In my case I know I need to get a handle of the diebetes.

However, even when I am consistently on the insulin