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I leak every time I cough & have allergies so….

1 year ago

AAARRRGGG!!!! Sorry! Had to get that out of the way! My leaks have gotten progressively worse. My doctor suggested I try doing Kegels, but it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve been wearing pads 24/7. My tailbone hurts from having the “lump” off pad under it constantly. Short ones don’t work as well for the amount I leak (a lot!) soo I end up wearing longer ones. I can’t always be up moving. When we go for road trips it’s hard to sit. I haven’t tried the new leak proof panties. I’m losing weight but don’t think enough to fit in the panties. I don’t want to wear the diapers. Not sure they’d fit & not show, make “noise”. Any suggestions before I go back to doctor for surgery? I can’t take a lot of meds bcuz I have CKD.