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I was diagnosed with OAB and been getting botox for 4 years

2 years ago

I am 36 and have 3 children,with my last two I didnt have bladder problems but with my last during pregnancy I always complained about a dull pain on my lower right and tenderness in my groin and frequent urination. i was told its due to the baby growing and that urinating often is due to baby growing. When my child was born I started to get frequent urination and wasted time with urologist for a year and was just prescribed antibiotics like every 3 weeks. Then my sister who is a nurse checked around and recommended me to go to UroGynecologist and i changed doctors. I get botox every 6 months for the past 3 years and still have infection with test coming out neg and I have aches on my right side. Would anyone what might be going on:-/