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InterStim Therapy

11 months ago

I've been dealing with OAB problems for over 20 years. The first medication I was placed, I can't remember the name, helped in the beginning. After 16 + years, it was not working and another doctor stated that it was not intended for that length of time. Then I was placed on Mirabegron - 50 MG 1 tablet everyday. After a few years, very little changed. I was told I had some options: (1) do nothing and keep leaking, (2) take Botox shots every 6 months or (3) do the InterStim Therapy. Don't want to keep dealing with leakage and after been told where the Botox shot would take place, it was out. That left only number 3. Do anyone know anything about this InterStim treatment? I'm curious if I should keep my appointment or cancel it?