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Is it OAB or Urinary Retention

3 years ago

I have been suffering with a doctor diagnosis of OAB for 5 yrs. I go to the bathroom every 30-45 mins -- day and night. I haven't slept through the night in yrs.
I have tried several meds and couldn't tolerate any of them.
I have kept diaries several times. I always feel the need to urinate.
Finally went to a new doctor and she suggested botox for bladder. While I was there I had used the bathroom and couldn't get a specimen so they catherized me and I had lots still in my bladder.

So I asked the doctor maybe my problem isn't OAB but urinary retention. Maybe she says and still give the botox injection.

Seems to me my problem isn't OAB but urinary retention -- that I am not emptying my bladder fully.