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Major leakage

1 year ago

For over a year I only had to wear a small liner for a small bit of urine leakage if I coughed or sneezed but for a couple of months now I have to wear a diaper and line it with an incontinence pad for double protection because most of the time I can't make it to the bathroom in time. It is no longer a small leak. I will stand up from sitting in the breakroom or go to get out of my car and the urine just gushes out. I feel like I did when my water broke with my children. I try to hold it but I have no control over it. Has anyone else gone through this excessive amount of urine leakage with no control over it? Plus I pee at least 12 times a day and still pee myself while I am sleeping. I'm sad because it affects everything that I want to do.