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OAB 24 hrs / day

7 months ago

My OAB keeps me from doing a lot of things I want to do especially if travel is involved. I need to know where bathrooms are going to be in case I need to use one. I do not have a problem with incontinence, and wearing a depend doesn't work if I should need to go because I cannot urinate unless I am sitting/squatting. I can hold my urine for a period of time especially if sitting but once I stand, it seems the pressure is strong that I am hurting; I have to walk slowly to BR as each step can be somewhat painful. The most I might urinate at anytime might be 1/8 cup to 3/8 cup. I double void and triple void a lot. I drink water, no pop or juices. At night I go 3-8 times - can get back in bed and go back to sleep easily.