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OAB, worse at night with dull low backache, terrible need to pee constantly

1 month ago

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I hope someone can help me. Here's my story:

I'm 54, and thinking I have OAB. I'm also very worried it could be bladder cancer. I haven't looked up the symptoms of that because I don't want to scare myself. I've always urinated frequently, all my life, but it's gotten worse lately, especially at night. I'm up literally every 15 minutes, all night long, peeing. I don't sleep well. I've also developed a mild backache, not painful, just annoying, and it's mainly at night. I don't feel abnormally tired, have a good appetite, except for this issue.

I had full bloodwork 2 weeks ago, and everything came back normal, except for my urine sample, which was abnormal. I did a 10 day ABX, and still peeing. Thoughts?