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Itching, burning, yeast infection ~or~ diaper rash???

2 years ago

Suffering! And I’ve suffered for over a year before mentioning it to my doctor who said to get an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream for it. Well....I was lost! So then soon saw my Urologist who said it was a yeast infection & to get Monistat, but also to get a thick lotion to prevent dryness which was confusing.
Soon after I found online something about using diaper rash cream which is the same as the thick lotion (now that I bought both) & the idea of protecting a baby’s skin from sitting in their urine makes sense, but I never had a baby, so didn’t know what the rash was like.
My itching turns so painful when scratched it burns & the skin is tender. Ministration cream helps with itching for a bit, but does anyone else battle this?