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Devices that eliminate OAB

2 years ago

I have used two products, one called Yarlap (it's British) and one called Attain. These are devices which stimulate the pelvic floor and cause the pelvic floor to contract, as in a Kegel exercise. They cost about $300. I used the Yarlap for awhile but then learned about Attain, and switched. Attain recommends 6 day a week usage for 90 days. The first result was being able to sleep through the night. But after 90 days I still had urge incontinence and continued to wear disposable underwear. I was skeptical, but I continued using it, and after another 6 weeks, my incontinence ENDED! I still wear light absorbent underwear but haven't had an "accidents" since. It requires diligence, and consistent use. Takes about 10 minutes a day, in privacy.