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I have cured my oab!

7 months ago

So I wanted to come on here and tell you my success with my oab. 2 months ago I was at breaking point with my bladder. I was depressed my bladder was controlling my life and I could be on the toilet up to 30 times a day. I was desperate, I was prescribed tolterodine which done nothing for me not even any side effects. My doctor at that appointment said I should try bladder retraining. I had heard and read about this but didn't like the sound of the idea and thought surely there's something easier and it wouldn't work. Boy I was wrong. 2 months in and it has changed my life. The first few days/weeks are hard real hard but you stick at it the results are unbelievable. I now go to the toilet 5/6 times in 24 hour period. My bladder capacity