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Mysterious Cause, No Doc Can Discern

2 years ago

I'm 30, 135 lbs, had my 4th child 6 mo. ago. No history of UTIs.
4 months ago got a random UTI got it treated in a day.
10 days later thought it was coming back but negative.
2 months of insane urge to urinate every 15 min-30 min.
Saw my regular doc and tested for problems.
Saw urologist. He didn't detect any problems except SLIGHT prolapse.
Recommended PT but doubtful there was much of an issue.
Problem resolved after 2 months.
2 months of normalcy.
Last week no warning it flared up again. Was manageable till today it's so much worse.
Also have seen chiropractor now and then for lower back issues.
Related? Nerves? No pain, just insane urge and pressure. Changing position helped till today.