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7 months ago

my name is mary davis i am 29 years old a few years ago i was diagnosed with over active bladder and stress inconvenience my doctor had me on tolterodine and it didnt help so he put me on oxybutynin 10mg that didnt help so he bumped it up to 15mg i try to avoid caffeine also teas i drink juice most nights i dont get no sleep because i am up and down all night peeing i try to take my meds ( sleeping meds etc .. because i have lupus so i have to take other meds at night ) so i try to take that around 6 and stop drinking anything so i wouldnt have to keep getting up at nights. i pee alot during the day but mostly when i am laying down ....nights hits me hard up and down alot. i do my pelvic exercises. what can i do to help this at night