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Is this over active bladder ?

9 months ago

Hi allI am hoping to find some advice.I was first being treated for prolapse and then told, I think you have an unstable bladder ie - overactive bladder.
My issues are not mainly stress incontinence. It is not a given that I will leak when cough or sneeze.
I leak all day,I dont have any sensations, it just comes out.
Walking is by far the worst. I can walk a short distance and a bit of pee come out, walk some more (and not at any speed) and more will come out and that will be my day.
I can be pottering around the house and it comes away.
I dont have urge incontinence (ever) !
I would say I have a "normal" level of stress incontinence for a woman in 50s who has had 2 vaginal births and had early menopause at 42.Is this OAB?