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Topical vaginal Estrogen Cream treatment for incontinence

3 years ago

Am very much interested in giving this treatment 'option' a try. Have any of you ladies tried this for urge incontinence and/or post menopausal incontinence. I want to give it a try as I do not want to take any of the current meds because they all tend to raise blood pressure....which for someone like myself with unstable high blood not a good idea. I asked the urologist I saw about it, he said it often works well, however... HE refused to prescribe it saying I'd need to consult my 'gynecologist' about it... WHAT???? It's for a UROLOGICAL problem, why can't he prescribe it? Made absolutely no sense to me. OK then.... has anyone had their urologist or uro-gynecologist suggest it and/or have you tried it?