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Massive urine volume, no sleep

1 year ago

It seems when I'm awake, my kidneys act normal and make average amounts of urine. I won't have to urinate for 6+ hours when awake. The minute I get to bed tho, I am up to pee every 2 hours minimum. it's not a bladder thing, i feel like it's a kidney issue because each night trip to the toilet I pee massive amounts that would take me 6+ hours to produce during my awake time. My bladder is FULL each time every 1.75-2 hours! I tried cutting out caffeine, drinking less later in the day, even changing up when I go to sleep and wake up---- nothing helps. I'm not diabetic. I'm not obese (5'2" and 138lbs). The urine look and smell normal. I'm fine when awake, it seems like my kidneys "clock out" when I "clock in" and Visa versa. Ideas or help?